Products Subject to the Home Appliance Recycling Act

  • 古紙
  • Air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers, etc. cannot be collected by the city. Please see procedure below for disposal.
1When Requesting Collection

Please request collection using one of the methods below. Recycling fee and transport fee may be necessary.
① When replacing, take to be collected
② Contact the shop where purchased and return
③ If ① or ② does not apply, please make a reservation for collection at a Best Denki store.

2Transporting to Designated Acceptance Site by Oneself

When transporting the oversized trash yourself, after paying the recycling fee at the post office, you may bring the item(s) to the trash acceptance site designated by the appliance maker.


①Confirm the appliance type, maker, size, etc. of the item you want to dispose and go to the post office.
②At the post office window, please obtain a Household Appliance Recycling ticket and pay the recycling fee (there is a separate processing fee)
③Attach the Household Appliance Recycling ticket to the item and bring to the designated acceptance site.
※ Please check the dates, times, and procedures before going to the site.
※Search the list of designated sites in Fukuoka Prefecture here


About Household Appliances (Recycling fees, acceptance sites, etc)

Association for Electric Home Appliances Appliances Recycling Ticket Center
0120-319640(9am-5pm except Sundays and National Holidays)