Trash Not Collected by the City

Trash Not Collected by the City

Cars, motorcycles, pianos, tires, batteries, agricultural equipment and machinery, LPG cylinders (liquefied petroleum gas), fire extinguishers, kerosene containers with contents inside, paint cans, agricultural chemicals, toner, etc.These cannot be processed at the city's facilities so please returned to the store or dealer where purchased or submit a request to a specialist disposal vendor

Watch Batteries & Rechargeable Batteries

Please bring to a collection box installed at electronics shops, etc.
Search below for available locations

Watch Batteries
Battery Association of Japan Watch Battery Collection Center
Rechargeable Batteries (Nicad batteries, NiMH batteries, lithium-ion batteries)

Look for these marks.

Fire Extinguishers

Consult a store or dealer or search for an acceptance counter on the Fire Extinguisher Recycle Promotion Center homepage.


Please contact the shop or dealer or dispose at maker, etc. operating the "Two Wheeled Vehicle Recycling System"

For Two Wheeled Vehicle Recycling System Inquires

They will guide you through procedures, disposal sites (designated acceptance counters, vehicle disposal sites), recycling fees, acceptance, and basic information.

Two Wheeled Vehicle Recycling Call Center


(Open 9:30am-5:00pm, except weekends and New Year's holidays)

Products Subject to the Home Appliance Recycling Act

Disposal procedure for air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers is here

Personal computer disposal procedure is here

Trash from a Business, Company, Store, etc.

Trash disposed of from a company, store, hospital, etc. cannot be disposed of as household trash. Business-related trash disposal information is here

Special Occurrence Trash

For trash that occurs under non-ordinary circumstances (trash from moving, etc) and cannot be disposed on the normal trash collection day, please see the following procedure.

1 Bring to the City's Collection Facilities

Submit a request to the Reception Center for individual carry-in via telephone or the internet.

Trash Processing Fee

Up to 10kg ¥140

Reception Center for Individual Carry-In
Telephone Operating Hours
Monday-Saturday, 8:30am-4:00pm
Reception is available from two weeks prior to the planned carry-in date to 30 minutes before the carry-in time. (Day of reception must be at least 30 minutes before closing time of the local processing facilities)
Telephone Reception Holidays
Sundays, January 1st-January 3rd
Reception Hours
Available 24 hours, throughout the year (excluding maintenance periods)
Reception is available from two weeks prior to the carry-in date to 30 minutes before the carry-in time. (Day of reception is until 2:30pm)
About the Handling of Personal Information

Any personal information given when calling the Reception Center for Individual Carry-In will not be used for any purposes other than Individual Carry-In totals and trash collection statistics.

2 Submitting a Request to a City Authorized Collection Vendor (excluding industrial waste)

For trash transport and disposal, please submit a request to a city authorized vendor.
Please confirm any fees with the vendor.
For disposal vendors, please check the "Requesting a General Waste Collection & Transport Authorized Vendor" page.