Empty Bottles & PET Bottle Disposal

  • 燃えるごみ
  • At the sorting facility, PET bottles and clear, brown, other colored bottles are separated and recycled.
    Please put all bottles and PET bottles into the Fukuoka City designated "Empty Bottles & PET Bottles" trash bags and tie tightly shut.

    There are two types of Empty Bottle & PET Bottle bags: Large (45L) and Medium (30L).

  • Empty Bottle

    • 台所ごみ
    • Remove caps


      Drink, alcohol, condiment, etc. glass bottles, cosmetic glass bottles

      Condiment, oil, whiskey, jam, juice, health drinks, wine bottles Cosmetics, lotion, perfume bottles
      ※Please dispose broken bottles as "Non Burnable Trash".
      ※Please return returnable bottles (1 sho bottles, beer bottles, etc. any bottles that can be reused) to the store or distributer or bring to a local collection point(applicable items).

<Attention>Items that cannot be disposed as "PET Bottles" ..Go to Non Burnable Trash
  • ・Milky white bottles, products made from particular glasses (milky white glass, heat resistant glass, crystal glass, etc.)
  • ・Chemical bottles whose contents are dangerous to people, broken bottles (bottles that were used for agricultural cheimals, other chemicals, etc.)
  • ・Glass that was not a container bottle (plate glass, vases, water tank, ashtrays, decorations, toys, lightbulbs, dinnerware, etc.)
  • ・Bottles made from cermanics, porcelain, metals, stones, etc.
  • ・Bottles for self-brewed alcohol (umeshu)
  • PET Bottles

    • プラスチック類
    • Please remove the caps and labels

      PET Bottles with the "PET Bottle" mark on the label: drinks, alcohol, soy sauce, etc

      This mark is on the label or the bottom of PET bottles

<Attention>Items that cannot be disposed as "Empty Bottles" ...Go to Non Burnable Trash
  • ・PET Bottles cut by work or were colored by magic marker
  • ・Plastic bottles without the "PET Bottle" mark(items with the "Pla-mark")

Empty Bottle & PET Bottle Disposal Procedure

Step 1

Remove the caps and labels on PET Bottles

※Plastic caps and labels are “Burnable Trash”, metal caps are “Non Burnable Trash”.
Step 2

Rinse out the inside
※Tap water is fine

Step 3

Crush PET bottles vertically

Step 4

Put empty bottles and PET bottles together inside the designated bag