Burnable Trash Disposal

  • 燃えるごみ
  • Burnable Trash is incinerated at Green Park Factory (incineration facility) and is used for generating electricity.

    Please put into Fukuoka City's Designated "Burnable Trash" bag and tie tightly closed.
    Items too big to tie the bag properly or heavy enough to tear the big are considered "Oversized Trash".

    There are three types of Burnable Trash bags: Large (45L), Medium (30L), and Small (15L). The Large bags come in two types: with and without handles.

  • Kitchen garbage

    • 台所ごみ
    • Vegetable scraps, leftovers, food scraps, tea bag or leaf scraps, egg shells, shells, etc.

      Please drain before disposing
      Please soak up cooking oil with paper or cloth, or mix together with a coagulating agent before disposal.

  • Plastics

    • プラスチック類
    • Cooking oil・mayonnaise・detergent・shampoo, etc. containers, styrofoam, plastic toys, video tapes, cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs, egg cartons, PET bottle caps & labels, etc.

      Beverages, alcohol, soy sauce PET Bottles with the PET Bottle mark should be disposed of as "Empty Bottles & PET Bottles"

  • Rubber Items

    • ゴム類
    • Bottles, kitchen mats, rubber gloves, rubber hose, slippers, rubber toys, etc
  • Leather

    • 皮革類
    • Shoes, handbags, belts, bags, wallets, etc

      Easily detached metal fixings are “Non Burnable Trash”

  • Disposable Diapers

    • 紙おむつ
    • Please remove excrement before disposal.

  • Bamboo & Wood Brooms, etc

    • 竹、木製ほうきなど
    • Items less than 1 meter total with a diameter of less than 5 centimeters.

      It is not a problem if the item sticks out from the bag; tie the bag closed for disposal.

  • Plastic kerosene containers (empty)

    • 灯油用ポリタンク(空のもの)
  • Fallen leaves

    • 落ち葉
  • Used disposable lighters

  • Pet litter (made from paper or plastic)

    • ペットのトイレ用砂
  • Cigarette butts and ash

    • たばこの吸いがら
  • Paper, cloth, and wood scraps

    • 紙くず、布くず、木くず
  • Ice packs

    • 保冷材
  • Thin futons, blankets

    • 薄手の布団、毛布