Recycling of used small electronics (small household appliances)

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  • Recycling of used small electronics (small household appliances)

    Fukuoka City has been promoting the recycling of precious metal resources including gold, silver, copper, and other rare metals contained in small electronics (small household appliances).
    In addition to the recovery boxes set in about 60 locations in the city, private businesses are also propelling the recovery business, so we're looking forward to your cooperation on the recycling of resources.

1Collection though Recovery Boxes
Appearance of the recovery box
Target devices

Small household appliances and accessories that can pass the inlet of the box (25 cm × 8.5 cm)

Examples of target devices
  • - Mobile phone, fixed-line telephone
    - Game machine
    - Digital camera, film camera, video camera
    - Music player (CD / MD / MP3 / cassette tape)
    - Radio
    - Calculator
    - Electronic notebook, PDA (personal digital assistants), electronic dictionary, e-book terminal
    - IC recorder
    - Portable AV Player
    - Electronic thermometers, electronic sphygmomanometer
    - Car navigation, ETC-board unit
    - Hearing aid
    - AC adapter, cables, headphones and earphones, memory cards, charger, remote control, etc.

2Small household appliances recovery home delivery service:Renet Japan Recycle

As the certified operator according to Electric Appliance Recycling Law, "Renet Japan Recycle" has been implementing the collection of small household appliances using home delivery service (fee: 1 box 1,650 yen including tax. Only 1 box is free of charge if a personal computer is contained. ).As many as 400 varieties including PC, printers, mobile phones, etc. are target devices.

※Please visit the home page of Renet Japan Recycle for more information about how to apply or target items.
※Starting from December 1, 2023, the collection fee will be revised to 1,760 yen (tax included) per box.


※ Sum of the length, width, and height of the box should be under 140 cm and its weight after packaging should be under 20 kg for the size of "1 box".
※Target products of the Home Appliance Recycling Law (air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, clothes dryer) shall be excluded.
※Can only be applied from the Internet.

Flow of the recovery

(1)Access to the home page of Lynette Japan Co., Ltd.
(2 After inputting the required items including the items and quantity of the used small household appliances, address, name, desired collection date and hours, etc. to the application form, please make the application.
(3)Please pack using your cardboard box.
(4)The home delivery company will come to your house to collect on your desired date.

  • 1. Application

    Recovery on your desired date and hours, Next day is the soonest Apply from your computer or smartphone

  • 2.Packaging

    Just pack into a box

  • 3.Immediately recovery

    Open every day of the year

    Recovery from home