Personal Computers

  • パソコン
  • Personal computers cannot be collected or disposed of by the city's facilities. Please see below for possible disposal methods.
1Submit a Request to the Computer Maker, etc
(1) Application Method
・Submit a request for collection via telephone or see the maker's homepage.
・For maker's who are no longer in business, homemade computers, etc., please apply for collection at PC3R Promotion Association.
(2) Cost
・Recycling for computers with an "PC Recycle" mark is free
・Those without a "PC Recycle" mark must pay a collection & recycling fee (¥3,000-7,000)
※Please check the amount with the maker.
※There is a fee for computers sold after October 1st, 2015 by makers who have declared bankruptcy, gone out of business, etc.
(3) Process
Submit a request via internet or telephone → A personal Yu-Pack voucher will be sent → Please prepare and pack the computer yourself → bring it to the post office or submit a collection request to the post office.

For Inquiries

  • ・See the maker
  • ・PC3R Promotion Association (you may also search for the maker's contact information here)
2 Submit a Request to Renet Japan Recycle

Renet Japan Recycle is a certified carrier for recycling small household appliances and collects around 400 types of electronics, including personal computers, via express home delivery services.

(1) Application Method
Submit a request for collection on the Renet Japan Recycle homepage.
※Internet application only
(2) Cost
¥1,650 for each parcel (tax included)
However, if a personal computer is included, 1 box is free.
※For the box, the total sum of heightxwidthxdepth is less than 140cm, and the weight is under 20kg
※Printers and other computer accessories can be included inside 1 box.
※Starting from December 1, 2023, the collection fee will be revised to 1,760 yen (tax included) per box.
(3) Collection Process
Apply via the internet → Prepare and pack by yourself in a cardboard box → The home delivery vendor will come to your residence for collection (the next day at the earliest)
For Inquiries

・Renet Japan Recycle