Paper Disposal Procedure

  • 古紙
  • When disposing paper at a local collection site, paper recycling box, or a school site recycling station, please separate into three types and cross-tie each type together with string.

  • 1.Newspapers

    • 台所ごみ
    • Place together with the flyers folded inside.
      Flyers other than those inside newspapers are "other, miscellaneous paper"

  • 2. Cardboard (paper items with waves inside)

    • プラスチック類
    • Please make the sizes as matched as possible.
      Please remove any adhesive tapes, clasps, vouchers, stickers, etc.

3.Other (Miscellaneous Paper)

  • プラスチック類
  • Any other recyclable paper other than newspapers and cardboard, larger than a business card can be recycled.
    ・Magazines, catalogs, books
    ・Empty confectionary boxes (remove plastic trays)
    ・Wrapping paper, copier paper
    ・Handbag paper (only the paper portion)
    ・Envelopes, empty tissue boxes (please remove plastic part)

【One Point】

Please place any small papers in a paper bag or an envelope, or fold inside a magazine.

Attention: Items that Cannot be Disposed as Recyclable Paper

The following items cannot be disposed as recyclable paper. Please dispose as "Burnable Trash"
・Vinyl Coated Paper (you can tell if there is vinyl coating with you tear it)
・Carbon paper
・Paper cups
・Photograph paper
・Paper used for painting, drawn on with crayon, etc.

Materials from businesses cannot be included.

Materials from businesses cannot be brought to collection sites such as local collection sites, paper recycling boxes, school district recycling stations, ward offices, community centers, etc.

For business-related paper collection, please see "Business Paper Recycling