Oversized Trash

What is Oversized Trash

Oversized Trash are items, such as furniture and appliances, that are too big for designated trash bags. If the item is a size that can fit inside a city designated bag and are a weight that will not tear the bag when carried with one hand, it can be disposed of as Burnable Trash or Non Burnable Trash. (10 bags per time)

Oversized Trash Disposal Procedure

1 Call the Oversized Trash Reception Center

Please submit a request to the Oversized Trash Reception Center and confirm the fee, collection site, and date.The collection date is up to 1 week after the request date.

Oversized Trash Reception Center
Reception Hours
Monday-Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm
※Closed for the New Year's Holidays (December 29th-January 3rd)
※Phone lines are busy following Sundays and National Holidays (in the mornings). If you cannot get through, please try through the internet.
※When cancelling the request, please confirm with the Oversized Trash Reception Center at least two days before the scheduled collection date.
Internet Reception Desk
※Open 24 hours, throughout the year(With the exception of maintenance periods)
LINE Reception Desk (Test)
※Test Period: 9/19/2018-2/28/2019
The hours are the same as the Internet Reception Desk.
About the Handling of Personal Information

Any personal information given when calling the Oversized Trash Reception Center, will not be used for purposes other than oversized trash collection

For those with hearing or speech difficulties, requests via FAX are also available.
FAX Number
2Purchasing a Disposal Ticket

You may purchase Oversized Trash Disposal Tickets at convenience stores, etc.

Oversized Trash Disposal Ticket Prices

※The disposal ticket price depends on the size, weight, and item
※Disposal tickets cannot be refunded. Please purchase after contacting the reception.

3Bring to Designated Site

Please write the Reception Number (or name) on the Disposal Ticket, attach it to the oversized trash, and bring out to the designated site before 8:30am on the collection date.
※Oversized trash will be collected in the afternoon. You do not have to be present
※Collected oversized trash may be recycled

Items that Cannot be Collected
  • 1 Items without a disposal ticket attached
  • 2 Air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers, personal computers (main units, displays, etc.).
    ※For details, please see "Trash Not Collected by the City"

Oversized Trash Carry Out Service (Charge)

For those who may have difficulties carrying the oversized trash to the designated site, there is a "carry out service" (5 pieces per 1 time). For details, please inquire at the "Oversized Trash Reception Center".
※For take out, you must be present. We thank you for your cooperation in deciding the time.
※You cannot request via internet.

  • Target Group

    Elderly persons over 65 years old, handicapped persons, and other people for whom it is necessary (pregnant women, etc.), those who cannot bring the oversized trash to the designated sites themselves.

  • Conditions

    (1) Items big enough to require at least 3 persons to carry
    (2) Items big to be carried from the entrance Excluding items that must be dismantled

  • Handling Charge

    ¥500 per item when collected from inside the room.
    ¥300 per item when collected from the entrance or front door.

    Please attach the Oversized Trash Disposal Ticket with the total of the Oversized Trash fee and the carry out service fee added.

  • How to Submit a Request

    Please submit a request for the "Carry Out Service" together with the collection request at the Oversized Trash Reception Center.