Non Burnable Trash Disposal

  • 燃ないごみ
  • Iron and aluminum are sorted at the Resource Conversion Center, collected, and recycled.

    Please put into a Fukuoka City Designated "Non Burnable Trash" bag and tie tightly shut
    If the items are large enough so the bag cannot be tied or heavy enough to cause it to tear, it is considered "Oversized Trash"

    There are three types of Non Burnable Trash bags: Large (45L), Medium (30L), and Small (15L).

  • Glass

    • コップ、皿、ほ乳びん
    • Cups, plates, baby bottles, window glass, broken bottles, etc.

      ※Drink, alcohol, condiments, cosmetic, etc. empty bottles go into the "Empty Bottle & PET Bottle" bags. If disposed with Non Burnable Trash, they will not be recycled.
      Please wrap broken or fragile items in paper and mark them as “危険”.

  • Porcelains & Ceramics

    • 茶わん
    • Tea cups, plates, decorations, flower pots, etc.

      Please wrap broken or fragile items in paper and mark them as “危険”.

  • Metal

    • 鍋
    • Pots, kettles, frying pans, wire hangers, etc.

  • Empty Cans (Aluminum cans, Steel cans)

    • 空き缶類
    • Cans for beverages or canned goods with no contents remaining

  • Spray & Aerosol Cans

    • スプレー缶
    • Pesticides, hairsprays, gas canisters for desktop stoves, etc.

      ※If the contents are left inside, it may cause fires or explosions inside the garbage trucks.

      ※To release the remaining caps, some cans have a "venting cap" equipped. Please read the instructions on the can well and release the gas.

      Items without a venting cap, please press the nozzle against solid ground to release the remaining gas.

      Please release the remaining gas in a well ventilated area without any fire hazards.

  • Umbrellas & Fluorescent Lights

    • 傘・蛍光灯
    • Items under 1 meter with a diameter of less than 5 centimeters.

      ※It is no problem if the item sticks out from the bag, but please tie the bag tightly closed.
      ※Batteries and fluorescent lights are collected at appliance retailers, ward offices, community center sites or 3R station sites. (The list of collection sites is here)

  • Small Household Appliances

    • 小型家電類
    • Telephones, printers, toaster ovens, rice cookers, electric water boilers, etc.

      ※Items that will not stick out from the designated bag
      ※Air conditioners, televisions (braun tube, liquid crystal display, plasma), refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers, pers onal computers cannot be collected. For details please see "Trash Not Collected by the City"
      ※Cell phones and digital cameras, etc can be recycled.Disposal information here

  • Used disposable heat packs (after use)

    • 使い捨てカイロ
  • Batteries

  • Soil (For garden use)

    • 土
  • Kitchen knifes (wrap in thick paper and write "危険")

    • 包丁
  • Medical thermometers

    • 体温計